Master’s in Evaluation & Applied Research Online

A deep dive into data for working professionals

Claremont Graduate University’s online Master's in Evaluation & Applied Research—designed with input from with the acclaimed Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC)—is tailored for students with an interest or some experience in evaluation and research. CGU’s Master’s in Evaluation & Applied Research prepares students for demanding careers in policy and management with a foundation in state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and methodologies.

The well-rounded curriculum of this master’s degree program emphasizes functional relevance for practicing evaluators. First and foremost, students will be trained to develop sound research methodology and to use this methodology to analyze data and conduct research in order to reliably assess the quantitative and qualitative aspects of projects and programs using current assessment tools and software.

Fast Facts

Start Dates



January 22, 2019


May 20, 2019

Time to Completion

Units Required Recommended Schedule


8 units (2 classes) per semester

CGU’s Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences has been a leader in the field of evaluation and applied research methods since the late 1960s and offers a master’s education grounded in real-world practices and based on the latest studies. Our faculty is composed of experts and thought leaders who provide applicable knowledge in a program designed to accommodate busy schedules while furthering your career.