Master’s in Evaluation & Applied Research Online

A deep dive into data for working professionals

Claremont Graduate University’s online Master’s in Evaluation & Applied Research—designed with the acclaimed Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC)—was created to help you build your evaluation and research expertise. In line with competencies set by the largest network of professional evaluators in the country, the American Evaluation Association (AEA), the MS in Evaluation & Applied Research will prepare you for a demanding career in policy and management with a foundation in state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and methodologies.

Program Highlights

  • Functionally relevant learning designed for practicing evaluators.
  • Training in sound research methodology for conducting studies, analyzing data, and improving the effectiveness of projects and policies.
  • Use of cutting-edge tools and software.
  • Skill development to qualify for evaluation and auditing roles in government, education, global health, psychology, and/or the non-profit sector.

Who Should Apply

  • Researchers who wish to influence policy and decision-making in spheres such as education and psychology.
  • Organizational professionals who wish to develop their evaluation skills and increase opportunities for advancement in government and non-profit sectors.
  • Future auditors and accreditors who are seeking a flexible graduate degree from a rigorous institution.
  • Professionals with an interest in evaluation and testing methodologies for schools or non-school institutions.

At a Glance

Early Decision Application Deadline
March 3, 2019
Priority Decision Application Deadline
April 5, 2019
Final Application Deadline
May 1, 2019
Summer Courses Begin
May 20, 2019
Recommended Schedule
8 units (2 classes) per semester

Program Goals

  • Develop practical experience in various evaluation and research methodologies.
  • Build mastery of the latest digital tools for evaluation.
  • Qualify for evaluation and auditing roles within government and non-profit sectors.
  • Gain an understanding of honesty and ethics in relation to research practices.
  • Become part of the largest network of evaluators in the country.
  • Increase professional collaboration, management, and leadership skills within the field of evaluation and research.

What You’ll Learn

Class aptent taciti

Systemic inquiry

Learn to carefully select the most appropriate evaluation technique or methodology based on a complex understanding of the various elements of a situation working together in an interrelated system.

Class aptent taciti

Evaluation theory and practice

Understand the mechanisms of theory-driven evaluation science, and understand its real-world applications in evaluation practice.

Class aptent taciti

Evaluation and applied research methods

Practice quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches to research, and develop a technical understanding of various strategies for data collection and evaluation.

Class aptent taciti

Ethical implications of evaluation and research

Develop ethical standards for evaluation practices based on a clear understanding of the nature of evaluative inquiry, including an understanding of stakeholders, data privacy, and contextual factors impacting research.

Class aptent taciti

Research and analysis tools

Become fluent in the most up-to-date digital tools for the performance of evaluation and data analysis.

practical specializations

Practical specializations

Electives in global health evaluation, educational evaluation, and positive psychology provide opportunities to personalize the MS in Evaluation & Applied Research to your unique career interests.

Stewart I. Donaldson, PhD

Stewart I. Donaldson, PhD

  • Professor of Psychology and Community & Global Health, Executive Director of Claremont Evaluation Center, and Director of The Evaluators' Institute (TEI)


Professor Donaldson is responsible for dramatically expanding the portfolio of evaluation and applied research programs at CGU. Many of his evaluation and applied research students work with him on projects as part of the Claremont Evaluation Center and as part of Professor Donaldson’s Theory-Driven Evaluation Science Lab.

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Tarek Azzam, PhD

Tarek Azzam, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Evaluation and Applied Methods


Professor Azzam is an associate professor at the Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. His research focuses on developing new methods suited for real-world evaluations, attempting to address some of the logistical, political, and technical challenges that evaluators commonly face in practice.

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About the School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation (SSSPE)

Claremont Graduate University’s School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation (SSSPE) comprises both the Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences (DBOS) and the Division of Politics & Economics (DPE). As an SSSPE student, you will develop a strong understanding of theoretical frameworks and advanced research methodologies while developing the skills to transform theory into practice. Focusing on turning concepts into action, you will emerge prepared to address today’s pressing issues in education, politics, healthcare, and applied organizational development.

The Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences is closely affiliated with the Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC). Helping guide CGU’s wide range of professional evaluation services, professional development training, and programs in evaluation and applied research methods, the internationally renowned CEC is home to many of the most respected scholars and practitioners in the field of evaluation.

In addition to the online Master’s in Evaluation & Applied Research program, SSSPE offers a wide range of certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs on-campus. Learn more about the School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation here.

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