Master’s in Marketing Analytics Online


The Master’s in Marketing Analytics online is the first program of its kind at Drucker, leading the charge in online learning with the flexibility to reach a diverse range of students across the country and the globe.

The curriculum covers core marketing and business concepts, methods for the development and implementation of marketing strategies, best practices for gathering consumer insights and reaching target audiences, and technical skills for gathering data to measure the impact of marketing strategies in real time.

Meet Our Faculty

Jenny Darroch, PhD

Jenny Darroch, PhD

  • Henry Y. Hwang Dean, Drucker School of Management


Dean Darroch’s research and teaching interests sit at the marketing and innovation interface. In this capacity, she has examined macroeconomic policy that fosters innovation; behaviors and practices within organizations that lead to more innovative outcomes; and the definition of innovation itself.

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Michael Kamins, PhD

Michael Kamins, PhD

  • Visiting Professor of Marketing


Professor Kamins has consulted for numerous firms including AT&T, Canon, Hilton, MGM, and Sony Tristar over the course of his long career in marketing and marketing research. As an academic, he has published over 30 articles in journals that include International Business Review, Marketing Science Institute Working Paper, and Journal of Marketing, focusing on subjects such as consumer behavior and the impacts of advertising.

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Gary Gaukler, PhD

Gary Gaukler, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Management


Professor Gaukler’s academic interests center around quantitative analytics methods applied to operations, with a particular focus on the impact of automatic identification and sensor technologies such as RFID on supply chain and logistics operations. He is actively consulting for industry in the areas of RFID, operations management, and supply chain management, with clients including UPS, Hewlett-Packard, Applied Materials, and Volkswagen.

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Introduction to Marketing Management

Credits: 4 Course #: MGT 321 Professor: Michael Kamins

This foundational course functions as an overview of the marketing discipline. It will provide you with a conceptual framework while teaching practical tools for meeting marketplace demand.

  • Gain practical instruction in the application of marketing practices.
  • Learn strategies, tactics, and tools essential to marketing management.
  • Practice marketing techniques with real-world experiential scenarios.

Business Analytics I

Credits: 4 Course #: MGT 306 Professor: Gary Gaukler

This course will provide you with an introduction to the statistical methods used to analyze data and solve problems in business and economics.

  • Understand the fundamentals of probability, uncertainty, and risk.
  • Draw conclusions from data using statistical inference techniques.
  • Learn to apply analytic methodologies and tools to business management.

Marketing Research

Credits: 4 Course #: MGT 324 Professor: Michael Kamins

This course is designed to provide you with an overview of marketing research and its use in making more effective marketing decisions.

  • Learn to deploy statistical methods such as measurement and scaling, survey research, and experimentation.
  • Learn to design research studies to achieve results that are both valid and relevant.
  • Learn to apply marketing research to support more effective managerial decisions.

Business Analytics II

Credits: 4 Course #: MGT 388 Professor: Gary Gaukler

In this lecture + lab course centered on “Big Data,” you will receive instruction in the areas of predictive modeling and big data analytics before implementing your new understandings using premier analytic software and real-world scenarios.

  • Explore predictive modeling approaches to data analytics.
  • Practice data visualization techniques for large, multi-dimensional data sets.
  • Learn best practices for influencing decisions through impactful communication of findings.

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