Master's in Information Systems & Technology Online


The MS in Information Systems & Technology program will teach you how to create software and systems that optimize human performance to create a positive impact in IT and beyond. Through courses, systems, and software, students will learn the necessary technological and management skills for today’s work environment.

Sample Course Schedule

(based on part-time schedule of 8 units per semester)


  • IST 302 Databases
  • IST 304 Communications and Networking


  • IST 303 Software Development
  • IST 344 Data Analytics and Information Visualization


  • IST 321 Leading Digital Business Transformation
  • IST 327 Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving


  • IST 340 Data Mining
  • IST 346 Data Warehouse Design and Implementation


  • IST 320 Design Methods and Tools

This online program features both asynchronous and synchronous instruction, which allows students to interact with faculty and their classmates in real time. Learn more about our featured courses in this program below.

Featured Courses

IST 302

This databases course introduces physical relational database design and the architecture of modern database management systems

Leading Digital Business Transformation
IST 321

Successfully incorporating today’s digital technologies enable companies to operate in new ways.  During this course students will experiment a complete digital transformation process, develop digital capabilities and generate value-creation business opportunities.

Communications & Networking
IST 304

This communications and networking course Introduces design, operation and management of TCP/IP based intranet and internets concepts and their relevant business applications.

Software Development
IST 303

This course introduces students to modern software development principles and practices.  It provides the necessary academic grounding in software development to support more advanced information systems and technology courses.

Data Analytics and Information Visualization
IST 344

This course provides students with the opportunity for gaining a deep understanding of the important principles and techniques for translating organizational data into visual stories that can be used by managers to make data-driven decisions of predictive analytics.

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
IST 340

In this course we look at the entire knowledge discovery process. As part of this process, we focus on cutting edge, interesting data mining techniques that can be used in a wide variety of settings (business, science, web)